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A journey in time

1930 Grand opening

A magnificient restaurant and ballroom for dancing

In 1930 the magnificent Skærven opened its doors. The small cottage was the first restaurant and the beach were much closer to the building before they brought sand in when the big bridge was built.  The second building (ballroom and restaurant) was finished in 1933 and it could serve an impressive 200 people.  Visitors came from all over Denmark and there was even a little train stop named Skærven Station.  Every Summer, visitors would swim and relax on the beach, dine at the restaurant and finish off the day with ballroom dancing in the grand dance hall.  On Saturdays and Sundays, the ballroom was decorated with roses and a beautiful woman would be awarded the title of “Rose Queen”


1998 Back to basics

Once again Skærven became a restaurant with ballroom music and dancing

1953 The diabetes association

A Summer getaway for children with diabetes

In 1953 the Danish Diabetes Association acquired Skærven.  It was soon converted into a Summer vacation camp for children suffering with diabetes.  They would learn how to eat, control insulin and give themselves shots.  For the following 45 years, children suffering with diabetes all over Denmark, would come to Nyborg for a Summer camp where they would learn all about their condition and how to manage it properly.

2019 Vacation rentals

Skaerven vacation rentals and event location

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Skærven is now both an international vacation destination and a perfect place to hold an event such as a confirmation, wedding, anniversary, birthday or Christmas Party.  We look forward to welcoming people from Nyborg and around the world and making Skærven known as a destination to stay and make lasting memories.

In 1998 the new owners brought Skærven back to its former glory and reintroduced the restaurant, ballroom, live music and dancing.  It was also available for private parties.  The holiday apartments (condominiums) were added a few years later. 


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